Monday, April 26, 2010

GSA Mondays: "Yes I'm Gay, But..." A Homophobia SMACK-DOWN!

Watch this with your GSA or as part of this virtual GSA - it's genius:

Now I want one of these stereotype-destroying videos for lesbians, for bisexuals, for transgendered people, for drag queens, for gender non-conformists, for questioning folks, for Blacks and Asians, for Latinos and Atheists and Fat people... heck, I want one of these for EVERYONE!

Diversity ROCKS - because it's REAL.



lskeers said...

Awesome clip -- bravo to every single one of those amazing men! Thanks for sharing this. I hope millions of people see it! My only quibble -- why don't we live in a world where we don't NEED a clip like this?

Leslie @ This is the Refrain said...

This was great. I agree there should be a video about this for everyone and everything. It's amazing.

Anonymous said...

This is great. There are so many conflicting stereotypes about what it is to be queer, it's impossible to avoid them. And we shouldn't have to. We should just enjoy whatever we enjoy.

MissA said...

Fantastic clip! I'm so glad these guys made this video and shared it with the world. I so enjoyed hearing some of them confim some stereotypes (and that's ok because not all stereotypes are bad, they just shouldn't be assumed), but completely knock down others. Some of them didn't like Cher, some of them do play sports, etc. It really reflected the diversity of people.

I'm with Iskeers, why do we even need these?! But I would love to see one for LBT teens and POC and those who are disabled. It would be great.

thank you so much for sharing this.

Unknown said...

That was really awesome.