Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meet The Hot New Guy! Kevin Keller, Archie Comic's new teen at Riverdale High... and he's GAY!

I read Archie comic books when I was growing up, and when I close my eyes and imagine the impact this would have had on closeted, sure-I-was-the-only-guy-who-was-attracted-to-other-guys-in-the-world me, it's actually really cool.

The land of Betty crazy for Archie, and Archie crazy for Veronica has a new "hunky" teenager join them at school. And now Veronica is crazy for Kevin, but Kevin isn't much interested in Veronica, or any other girl for that matter...

So what is Veronica No. 202 “Isn’t it Bromantic?," Kevin's debut, about?

“Mayhem and hilarity ensue as Kevin desperately attempts to let Veronica down easy and her flirtations only become increasingly persistent.”
(That's according to an Archie Comics Statement)

But evidently the hilarity is not at the expense of the gay character:

“Teenagers have a lot of pressure, so it’s important for Archie and the rest of the gang to be accepting.”

- Jon Goldwater, co-CEO of Archie Comics

We'll have to wait until September 1st to read the issue ourselves, but as for me, I've already put mine on hold.

Thanks, Archie! And welcome, Kevin.

You're gonna change lives. And not just in Riverdale.


Unknown said...

Wow. That was unexpected, but very neat. Gay characters really are reaching into the mainstream, and about time too!

Hayden said...

Considering how Archie is pretty much an institution, this is awesome news all around.

How long have they been in high school, anyway? A gazillion years or something? :D

Daniel Teeter said...

Sorry, but Archie is still the hottest. Red heads w/ freckles still rule. I don't say that just because I look kinda like Archie.

Eat the Love said...

What! It's not out until September?!?! Dang it. I thought I could just go to my local store and get it...

Well I'm glad they have the news out early to build buzz! I've been reading about it for awhile. It's funny to see Archie Comics introduce a gay character 16 years after Marvel out their first gay character. But I guess the world of superheroes is way less mainstream than the world of Archie and Riverdale.

Better late than never!

ivanova said...

I am SO excited about this. I loved Archie comics growing up, and they made a big impression on me. The first time I heard of "Women's Lib" (yes, it was the '70's) was in Archie. I still buy an Archie digest every year as a Xmas present to myself because I used to get them in my stocking. I hope Kevin Keller is a more well-rounded character than Chuck Clayton and Nancy, the token African-American characters who were introduced in the '70s and who never had much personality.