Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rage, A Love Story - A Lesbian Teen Book

By Julie Anne Peters

Johanna's 17. And a lesbian. She falls for Reeve, whose mother is a junkie and who has been abused by the mother's boyfriend.

Reeve hurts Johanna's twin brother, and then starts to beat Johanna - who at first thinks taking the abuse silently proves her love.

Things spiral out of control, and ultimately Johanna has to find the strength to get help and break the cycle of abuse.

My thanks to Emma for the recommendation. Add your review of "Rage, A Love Story" in comments.

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Unknown said...

Easily one of my favorite books last year. I love that it's not a coming out story - the drama comes from something outside of the characters' sexual orientation (my full review is on my blog here). Glad to see this getting some attention from someone else!