Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Scars - A Lesbian Teen Novel

By Cheryl Rainfield

Kendra never feels safe.

She can remember being abused, but not who did it. She knows they're after her, following her, and the only way she can cope is to cut herself.

But there's a path to the future. Her art. A therapist. A mentor. And this girl Meghan - who is Kendra's friend - and maybe, just maybe, might become something more...

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Terry Doherty said...

I would love to know more about your thoughts on this book. I found Kendra a most engaging, thoughtful character. Here is the review I did at <a href=">the Reading Tub</a>.

Lawral the Librarian said...

I loved this book, but it is a hard book to read. Kendra has so many different horrible things she's dealing with all at once. I loved that Meghan was such a support for her rather than another "issue" that she had to deal with. My review is here:

and my word verification is "unweeker" which definitely describes Kendra, or it would after being spellchecked. :)

Chris Wolak said...

Hi Lee--thanks for introducing me to this important book. I don't think its one I would have come across on my own. Its such a powerful story and the characters are so well written that I can't get it out of my head. My review is here:

Emma Louise said...

I just started this book yesterday, and did not put it down until I finished. It was hard to get through, and I found myself reading really fast through some parts, just to make sure Kendra would be okay. It was really easy to relate to, and her and Meghan's relationship was amazing. Definitely recommended. :)

Tracy G. said...

I was so happy to see this book on your blog. I stumbled across it while working interlibrary loan and as stated in previous comments, found Kendra to be an incredibly well-written character. I know someone whose life resembled the characters in some ways so the novel really resonated deeply with me.

My review of it is at which is my librarian-in-training portfolio as well. Love this blog :-)

DuckyHooah said...

This book was AMAZING!!!! I finished it today!! I picked it up cuz the cover pulled me in but then by the end of the book I realized I had more than one thing in common with Kendra. It was cool to be able to relate to her and it was definitely a book I recommend!!!! <3 (I found out about this website through the back of the book and am requesting other lesbian books from the library, right now lol)

Cheryl said...

Lee, thank you SO much for putting Scars on your blog; I really appreciate it. You have such a fantastic resource.

Terry, Lawral, and Chris, thank you so very much for your lovely reviews of SCARS!

Emma Louise, I'm so glad you could relate to Kendra and Meghan!

Tracy, I'm so glad you found Scars and found things that resonated with you, and thank you so very much for doing a review of Scars, too!

DuckyHooah, I'm so glad you picked Scars up and loved it! And so glad you found Lee's site--it's a pretty amazing resource. :)

Anonymous said...

Scars was first suggested to me to read by my eighth grade english teacher--I'm still in eighth grade. This book honestly means quite a lot me, and a dumb 13-year-old's view of this probably won't mean much -- and plus, the last post was almost two years ago -- but I did want to say something.
This was a hard book to read for me, bringing tears to my eyes at certain moments. However, it was, of course, filled with those joyous moments of Meghan and Kendra (they also reminded me of my ex-girlfriend Mary and I).
The details in this book are vivid, and one honestly can't stop visualizing every word of it.
In short, this book was simply amazing.


Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Thank you Elly for your comment and reader review. It doesn't matter how long ago a book was posted, if you read it and it resonated, let other teens know!
thanks again,

Cheryl said...

Aw, Elly, I'm so glad to hear that Scars moved you, and that you found parts of it (Kendra and Meghan's relationship) joyous. Thank you for letting us know. (beaming)

And you're not dumb. I value every reader's opinion. I'm glad you spoke up.

Take good care,

Unknown said...

I just finished this book. When i 1st began to read it im like this book is very much like my story. its funny though because both characters reminded me of my self in different areas. but i really enjoyed this book. and im fighting for my life rite know, im a cutter and im bisexual but i dont get feelings for males at least not emotionally only sexually, ive been abused several times some recent others not so recent, im a cutter and very convinced im a lesbian but i have known i was bi sexual since 3rd grade but im learing more and more that my emotions lean more toward lesbian, im also a cutter ive been cutting for about a yer know and self harming for longer,...... this book is MUEY MUEY BEIN i reccomend it to everyone but it will prob be easier to understand for cutters, gays, lesbians, bi sexuals, transgenders and people whove been abused... the end blows me away, and i love the support resources in the back of the book im looking at all the websites including this one ! If you know about books similar as good or better than this one please let me know.

Unknown said...

Deavahnee, this is Miss Joy, I miss you and I am worried about you. I love you and am praying everyday that you are safe. Please email me. I'm so sorry I didn't get to spend more time with you. Please let me know that you are ok

Anonymous said...

I love the romance between Meghan and Kendra, and how they both have been through so much, but Meghan is a support. She's not just another girl with a problem. I must say, it's wonderful for all readers LGBT or not.