Friday, April 9, 2010

Steven Reigns Shares A Poem From His New Book, "Inheritance." Our GLBTQ Teen Poetry Celebration Finale!

Steven is a poet and a friend. I'm so excited that he's letting me share this poem with you!

6 T H D A T E

We sat on his couch, facing each other,

backs against armrests,

feet intertwined.

He told me he wanted to teach me Spanish pronunciations,

asked me to repeat after him.

I attempted to mimic his words like a parrot to its owner,

struggled with the rolling “R’s”.

The foreign words spilled clumsily from my mouth.

He suggested he name off animals

and I was to guess which one.

He changed the lesson plan.

My feathers ruffled as I assumed

it was because I wasn’t good.

He gave words for



dogs, and


I was surprisingly good at assessing

and assuming translations.

But those weren’t the words

I wanted to know from him.

I wanted to ask about



the meaning of our feet touching,

and most of all, I wanted

to know our future.

Steven's New Book of Poems:

Thanks for joining me for 7 days of amazing GLBTQ poetry by and for teens - it's been a great way to kick off National Poetry Month, and I hope it has inspired you, too.

So what are you waiting for? Go write (and read) some more great poetry!



Sarah Laurenson said...

Love the juxtaposition of what's being said and what he really wants to say. Great poem!

Wings in the Night said...

Steven, you have captured the beautiful uncertainty that's part of all early relationships. I sense a playfulnes, too. Maybe it's just me.

This was beautiful.

Wings in the Night said...

This is wonderful. He has captured the uncertainty of a new relationship with its playfulness.


Anonymous said...

Steven, what a beautiful poem. Guess I'm going to have to add another book to my stack!

Michael Kearns said...

He practices what he preaches.

Joseph Taylor said...

Nice, honest... I can certainly relate to this. Thanks for sharing, Lee!