Friday, April 16, 2010

Two Great Things To Celebrate The Finale Of Library Appreciation Week: Operation Teen Book Drop and Emily Lloyd's "Shelf Check" Comic Blog

Librarians ROCK! That's established.

And Libraries are critical. We agree.

But for a library to really function, it needs to have some books, right?

Well there are quite a few libraries without the resources and materials to give their kids that very basic thing - some good books to read. So, for the third year in a row, like the superheroes they are, the writers and readers and members of the children's literature community (the "kidlitosphere") - led by the incredible Readergirlz, the awesome GuysLitWire gang, the Young Adult Library Services Association of the ALA, and this year, the Native American Children's Book Club, If I Can Read, I Can Do Anything - have jumped in to help with



This week, 10,000 new books, donated by publishers, will be "dropped" to libraries to support teens on Native Reservations and Tribal Lands.

More than 100 YA authors are going to leave new YA books in public places, with a bookplate from Operation TBD.

And individuals (like you and me) are buying books, one at a time, at the wishlists at Powell's bookstore to stock the libraries of two specific schools, Ojo Encino Day School (located twenty-five miles west of Cuba, New Mexico on the Navajo Nation) and Alchesay High School (located in Whiteriver, Arizona in the heart of the White Mountain Apache Reservation.)

Book by book, lives will start to change for the better.

I couldn't be prouder of our kidlit community.

Wanna feel great about it, too? Go to the wishlists (here's how) and buy one of these libraries a book. Go on - you'll feel awesome about it, and about yourself, too.

Now that you feel all altruistic, here's something more to celebrate:

Emily Lloyd is a poet and blogger who runs an insightful, funny and thought-provoking comic strip with a lesbian librarian main character on her blog, Shelf Check. She was kind enough to let me share one of her comics here with you.


Shelf Check 386

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