Monday, May 17, 2010

GSA Mondays: Grab one of these Transcripts From the Prop 8 Trial "Perry v. Schwarzenegger" and Bring this Historic Trial To Life (and to LIGHT!)

Courage Campaign Equality got Academy Award winning Producer Bruce Cohen to go through three weeks of transcripts and select 10 transcripts that you and your friends and your GSA can act out.

Choose a transcript, print it out, and read it aloud in your next GSA meeting.

Stage a performance during lunchtime at your school, so other Teens will know what's going on.

Video your performance and upload it to youtube to share it wider.

Or just read the transcripts.

They're powerful. I just read the first transcript, Kristen Perry's Prop 8 testimony, and it was really striking how I felt like it gave me a window into this trial - this historic event - that enemies of my equality fought to keep from the light.

They fought to not have cameras in the courtroom.

They fought to not have the trial televised, or even uploaded to youtube.

This is a brilliant way around that. It's delayed, but it's real. The real testimony. The real trial, that will effect the equality of GLBTQ people in this state, and by extension, in this country and beyond.

Prejudice is Prejudice, and it must be struck down.

And transparency of the workings of prejudice, of the fight for equality, can only help.

Go to the transcripts.

Check out the video of Marissa Tomei and Josh Lucas performing Kristen Perry's testimony in a park in West Hollywood.

This is history happening right now. And these transcripts offer each of us a way to claim a piece of it for ourselves!


My thanks to Fred for the heads-up on this great project/opportunity.

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Emily Lloyd said...

This is freaking awesome! Thanks for posting.