Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kiss - A Teen Novel About A Girl Loving A Boy Who is Gay

By Jacqueline Wilson

What happens when the boy you want to kiss wants to kiss the boy next door?

Sylvie always believed she'd end up marrying Carl someday. After all, they've been best friends since they were little. Now they're in High School, and Sylvie dreams of Carl kissing her...

But it doesn't even happen during a game of spin-the-bottle! And it should have!

Sylvie slowly comes to realize that Carl is Gay.

And when Carl has Gay heartbreaks of his own, Sylvie has to figure out if can she be there for him. After all, he broke her heart, didn't he?

My thanks to Yapha for the heads-up on this book. Add your review of "Kiss" in comments!

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T.S. said...

Damn, that was EXACTLY the plot of the novel I was going to write someday. I guess I shoulda been faster. :-)

Now I guess I can read it without doing all the work. LOL! That and Ms. Wilson probably did a better job than I could ever do. *hops off to bookstore*