Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Paper Bag Princess - A Feminist Picture Book

story by Robert Munsch, art by Michael Martchenko

Oh how I love this book.

It's so deceptively simple: A Pretty Princess loves a Handsome Prince.

Enter a Dragon, who burns the Princess' castle and all her clothes, and captures the Prince and carries him away.

The only thing Princess Elizabeth can find to wear is a paper bag. Thus, she becomes 'The Paper Bag Princess' and heads off to rescue Prince Ronald from the dragon's lair.

It's an adventure, and has the best ending... well, ever.

The art is fantastic (the fire!) and the story so empowering!

Oh, how I wish I "The Paper Bag Princess" had been read to me when I was a kid. I'm reading it to my daughter - and let me tell you, it's become a family favorite!




fairyhedgehog said...

I really wish that had been around when I was a kid!

Fourth Musketeer said...

Lucky for us there's a lot of girl power books around now for our daughters! My own teenaged daughter can't stand wimpy heroines. She got especially turned off by helpless Bella in Twilight!
Cornelia Funke's picture books feature lots of girl power with pirate girls, girl knights, etc. and are a lot of fun...Check out the Princess Knight (picture book), Igraine the Brave (chapter book but good read-aloud), and Pirate Girl (picture book). Princess Pigsty (picture book) is also really funny for alternative princess stories (she's a real princess but prefers the company of the pigs to all her royal duties!)

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

me too! That's why I started this category - sometimes we adults need to read these books for our inner child as well!

Fourth Musketeer,
I love Princess Knight - It's on my list to blog about! I'll definitely check out Igraine the Brave and your other recommendations - thanks!


Anonymous said...

I actually remember reading this when I was younger and subsequently forgetting all about it. Thanks for reminding me of it!

Adrienne said...

I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO GLAD you have some Robert Munsch in here!!! :D

Oh, and this book was totally made into a cartoon for the series 'Bunch of Munsch.'

His books are incredible!
And you have to see/hear him do readings. He's so interactive and fun.

Here's some audio of him reading Love You Forever.
It's one of the most beautiful children's books I've ever read. I loved this book when I was little, and once I become a parent, it'll DEFINITELY be a staple in my library for my kids.
and Thomas' Snowsuit...
and Something Good...
and Mortimer...
and Pigs...
and Purple Green and Yellow...
and 50 Below Zero...
Okay, you get the idea :P

Adrienne said...

Haha, you got me on a real Robert Munsch kick now Lee :P

I was checking out his website, and you can listen to full audio recordings of him reading his books!

Susan B James said...

Thank you. I adore this book. I bought copies for my sons when they were young and for my granddaughter more recently. I am a huge fan of all Munch and Martchenko book (Except "I love You Forever" I hate that one.)
If you can find them, try Allen Morgan and Matt Martchenko's "Matthew and the Midnight Money Van" My favorite illustration in that book is 'the dangerous pigeons lurking for trouble.' I have a new first lines post up at Pen and Ink. I should look through my Matthew books and see what the first lines are like.

Anonymous said...

Have you read Princess Bubble? That is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I love this book so much. It's probably my favorite picture book.