Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An 18 Year Old Girl is Left Out of her High School Yearbook... Because in her photo she's wearing a tux and not a dress!

Sierra is 18. And a lesbian. And because she wanted to be true to herself and wear what she felt comfortable in, her Mississippi High School chose to omit her from her own graduating class' yearbook!

Watch this heartbreaking report from CNN:

Sierra, you keep fighting to change the world to make it more fair for everyone - and we'll be right there at your side, fighting with you!

Liberty, and Justice, and yearbook photos... for ALL!



ivanova said...

Ceara is a brave kid and she's getting a raw deal. This clip made me get all teary. First of all, the drape always looks stupid, even on femmey girls. Her principal is a snorting bigot. This kind of thing--where her school is basically trying to erase who she is--happens all the time. The only difference is that today kids are more likely to fight back and get support from their parents. So that part is awesome. Good for Ceara, she is a role model not only for LGBT kids but for LGBT grown-ups.

ivanova said...

And not only that, with her cute Justin Bieber haircut it would be a crime to appear in the drape. Fashion murder.

Brent Taylor said...

Some principal did that to me, we would be gettin' hostile up in here.

I love Sierra and all she's fighitng for.