Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Gay Teen Blogger Talks Books! (Specifically, his love of books about love...)

I was so excited to discover another gay teen blogger sharing from the heart - Check out John's great article "He's Reading WHAT?! The In's and Out's of a Guy Who Reads Romances" over at his blog, Dreaming In Books.

It's really eye-opening, about cover shame, "romantic prejudice," being true to yourself, and reminds us all of how books really can change lives.

I felt really honored to read it, and I'm so happy to share this link with all of you.

My thanks to John for sharing.

So go check it out, and then, go grab a good romance!



John The Bookworm said...

Thank you so much for posting about me Lee. It does me good to know you liked the post. :)

Charlie said...

I think it's awesome that young male readers (gay, straight or other) are becoming more visible. Kudos to John. Great job! Lee, thanks for sharing the link.