Friday, June 18, 2010

Lee on the Radio! Here's the podcast of this week's Katie Davis' Brain Burps About Books Radio Show!

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click on the image above to play the audio file of the show!

I admit, I had butterflies – LIVE Radio?!? – but it ended up being an awesome experience.

I loved listening to Susan Taylor Brown talk about her poetry and how it led to her discovering family - and a sense of family she’d never had. I got all emotional listening to her read her poem, “Ring, Ring.”

And then, I was the guest! I had so much fun talking about Gay Dads and books and censorship and even

Glee’s invisible gay dads

and these books:

And Tango Makes Three

Daddy, Papa, and Me

“Luv Ya Bunches,”

The Real Life Channel,”

King and King

and “King and King and Family.”

Katie was a wonderful host, and it was truly an honor.

The show runs just over a half hour, and my interview begins at 14:20. There’s even a bonus book review by the fantabulous Betsy Bird at the end...

I hope you enjoy listening to it!



Johnny said...

Hi Lee, You rocked! you were real, conversational, engaged, interesting, and inadvertently provocative because you are so clear about what is right and wrong. And the rest of the world just better catch up! Right on!

Doret said...

In the MG novel The Popularity Papers by Amy Ignatow.

Julie one of the main characters - has two dad. They are included very nicely into the story.

The Popularity Papers is very good and very funny.