Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm on the RADIO! Outbeat Youth Interviews Me About This "perfect website for young LGBT readers" For Their June Pride Show!

I was on this Amazing Radio Show! (Click to go to the show's website and listen...)

Greg Miraglia, (Outbeat Youth's host and producer) and I talked about this website, the demise of gay bookstores, the evolution of queer teen novels, and so much more!

I also discussed these books:

My Brother Has AIDS, by Deborah Davis

Boy Meets Boy, By David Levithan

Hero, by Perry Moore

Ash, By Malinda Lo

Parrotfish, By Ellen Wittlinger

Tricks, By Ellen Hopkins

...I had a great time.

And it's not just me interviewed on the show. Michael Huerta did this remarkable video to celebrate his 24th birthday, where he talks about overcoming his own struggles with being gay, and how happy he is that he didn't succeed at his attempts to end his life.

It's powerful, and I'm really honored to be on the same radio show as Michael.

Check out Michael's 24th birthday video here:

Go here to hear Michael's and my interviews! (The show's a half hour long, and I'm at 16 minutes in.)

My thanks to Greg Miraglia, host and producer of Outbeat Youth, for the honor and the opportunity!


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Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Michael! Thank you for sharing your story. You offer hope to so many.