Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Less-Dead - A Homophobia-Themed Teen Mystery/Thriller

By April Lurie

Noah is 16, and he can't stand his Dad's Christian-Conservative-Hate-Spreading-Anti-Gay radio show.

A couple of gay teens in foster homes get murdered, and when the next victim is a boy Noah knows, he feels guilty and becomes determined to solve the crime.

Noah pockets the dead boy's journal - in which the killer wrote clues - and is out to prove that someone does care about these homeless gay teens - the "less-dead."

And that someone is Noah.

My thanks to Steph for the recommendation, and for sharing that "There's also a cool section at the end of the book that that summarizes the main passages of the Bible that people use to condemn homosexuality, and how that's not really what they say."

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Unknown said...

I really loved this one! I reviewed it back in April at my blog. I love the mystery as Noah uses creepy clues to try to find Will's killer, and there are some great friendships and personal story arcs outside of the murder mystery.

I also liked the notes at the end on the biblical passages, though I doubt they're going to change anyone's mind who thinks the Bible is truly infallible, I'm sure they would be comforting to people who are struggling to reconcile their sexuality with a faith that is commonly shown to condemn them.

BookChic said...

I reviewed this too on my blog and reposted it on GuysLitWire. Here's the link:

I absolutely loved it. It was great. Thanks for reminding me of it- I might have April Lurie participate in my GLBT event later this year.

Lisa said...

That looks good. What a powerful title.

Cynthia Leitich Smith said...

I wonder if you've thought about interviewing April for your blog. Her personal story behind the book is interesting.

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Thanks everyone for your reviews and comments - Cynthia, I know a "hot" lead when I read it - I'll contact her now.