Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girl Goddess #9 - A GLBTQ Teen Short Story Collection

by Francesca Lia Block

Published in 1998 by Harperteen

In Francesca Lia Block’s Girl Goddess #9 each character is modern and relatable. Every story is beautifully told and I found myself reading even the ones that did not have GLBTQ characters. This is a great, fun, and beautiful summer read. Here are the summaries of the stories that did have queer content...

La is a little girl dealing with her mother’s suicide. With mean girls at school and a grief-stricken drunk dad, La has no one to turn to until she finds Blue in her closet. Blue is a slender being with a skin color of (you guessed it) blue. Blue shows La many things: Blue’s unique body, and the fact that remembering La’s mother will help her touch many lives.

Dragons in Manhattan
Tuck Budd lives with her two bohemian moms, Izzy and Anastasia, in Manhattan. The three of them always had fun going to plays and museums and many ethnic restaurants, but one day at school a boy teases Tuck about her moms. After finding clues in a baby book, Tuck runs away to San Francisco to find who her real father is, but little does she know that her father has been there all along.

Winnie and Cubby
When Winnie starts dating Cubby it seems that everything is perfect. Cubby is a hot skateboarder who loves her and loves that they both wore matching tuxes to prom. But on a trip to San Francisco, Cubby must confront his best friend and girlfriend Winnie about who he really is.

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