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Grl2Grl: Short Fictions - A LTQ Short Story Collection

By Julie Anne Peters

Published in 2007 by Little, Brown Books

This anthology focuses on queer women on the verge of adulthood; some are just coming to grips with their sexual orientation, while others are desperately trying to get their actual body (like in the story “Boi” which is truly a highlight). The stories are short, yet each is incredibly heartfelt and fun to read.

Tam, a trend-follower, sees Andrea on the bus every day. She is fascinated by everything about Andrea: the baggy clothes, the red lipstick, the way she wears her hair and the way she makes everyone else wonder what to label her. One day Tam decides to solve the mystery of Andrea for herself.

“Can’t Stop this Feeling”
It's Mariah’s sophomore year of high school and she has promised herself that this is the year she'll go to the GSA. Scared at the idea of knowingly walking into the classroom, she creates an excuse... but finds that with the help of her classmate Lily, she is always welcome.

“After Alex”
Rachael can’t seem to get over her first love, Alex. In fact she has divided her life into three eras: Before Alex, During Alex, and After Alex. Every time Rachael starts to move forward Alex sucks her back in. This story is great at capturing the conflicting feelings of loving someone you just can't get over.

Logan wants to give a special card to her love on the last day of winter break, but just can’t decide what to write on it. How can she perfectly describe her feelings for this girl?

“On the Floor”
Two girls are playing a tough and fast-paced game of basketball, but could there be more going on between them?

“Stone Cold Butch”
This heart-wrenching story focuses on Cam, a girl who feels she does not deserve her admirer Taunia’s affections. She even shaves her head to show the world how unattached she is. However, there is a reason why Cam is so cold on the inside; the person who she should trust most in the world is hurting her.

“Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder”
Aimee is distressed by her sex-ed class, which never focuses on same-sex intercourse. One day she poses the question: if people are supposed to wait until marriage, like her teacher says, then what are same-sex couples supposed to do in places that they can't get married? Her teacher is no help but one good thing does come from her teacher’s awful answer: she reconnects with her best friend that she lost years ago.

Vince was born Eva but always knew that he was a “boi”. With the support of his cousin Kevin, Vince is saving up for some testosterone and finally buys a penis of his own from a sex shop. This becomes his security and most prized possession, until one day it is violently taken away from him. Haunting, humorous at times, and realistic, this story really helps those lucky enough to be born in the right body realize what we take for granted.

Tomorrow is another day.
Scar_Tissue has just broken up with her girlfriend Dylan and finds consolation in Black_Venus, a member of her online chat group. The girls develop a strong connection and profess their love for each other over the Internet. But one day Scar can't seem to find Black_Venus and does not know what to do.

“Two-Part Intervention”
Kat is extremely anxious to go back to her music camp, but not just because of the intense work and competition. Annika, her best friend and the object of her affections is there. The only thing that Kat thinks will get in the way is fellow prodigy Bryce who feels the same way about Annika... but who does Annika really love?

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