Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Side Door - A Lesbian Teen Book

By Jan Donley

Fifteen-year-old Melrose Bird, a.k.a. Mel, steps into high school and out of the closet, bringing her best friend Frank along for the ride. She wonders about Alex Weber—the guy who hanged himself behind Drift High School five years ago. She wonders why his mother haunts the park bench across from the school. In delving into the mystery of Alex Weber, Mel happens upon a pair of his pants—waiting to be donated. She tries them on. They fit. Mel and the pants become inseparable, and the contents of the pockets change everything. In learning the truth about Alex’s death, Mel uncovers a town secret that unlocks the school’s closet doors for good.

This was one of those books where the synopsis from the publisher and author was so good, I had to give it to you in their words!

You can also check out a good interview between Jan and her editor at Spinster's Ink here (far right column.)

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