Thursday, August 26, 2010

We'll Always Have Paris - A Short Story Collection with Gay Characters

By Ray Bradbury

Published in 2009 by HarperCollins

Leave it to Bradbury to give us a collection of eerie, thrilling and enjoyable tales. Each one has a slight mysterious tone and a compelling plot. My only complaint: the children’s book cover does not do the collection justice. Here are the stories in the collection with a queer quotient:

We’ll Always Have Paris
One summer night in July an American man vacationing with his wife follows a young handsome Frenchman and the two have a complicated and mysterious night.

Last Laughs
A pulp science fiction author goes to find his genius mentor, Andrew Rudolph Gerald Vesalius, who has disappeared. When the man finds Vesalius at his Malibu home, he discovers that Blair, Vesalius’s secretary, has restrained Vesalius and has plans to marry Vesalius in order to own his mind. The man helps his mentor with a very unique method.

Come Away with Me
Joseph Kirk has always prided himself for standing up for other people, so when he sees Willy-Bob walking down the street and being berated by his boyfriend, Joseph gives Willy-Bob, a stranger, the option of coming with him. The two travel around Los Angeles and learn about each other before going their separate paths.

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