Monday, August 16, 2010

The World Of Spiderman Just Got Gayer... And More REAL!

In a reminder of the power illustrators have in depicting diversity in their work, I just found out through an article over at LGBTQ Nation that there's a gay kiss on the cover of the upcoming October issue of Spiderman!

"A comic classic, The Amazing Spiderman, will debut what is likely the first gay kiss to be featured on the cover of a mainstream comic book."

Check it out:

Spidey's all bummed out about his love-life, and to make the point hit harder, he's surrounded by couples feeling the love. Track 'em, left to right: Inter-racial couple, Cool-looking straight couple, and yes, Marvel at it, there they are, 2 Guys, about to kiss.

Hurray! We've made the Marvel universe - right there on the cover.

And for every queer kid and fan-boy out there, they get to see that they're included in the world of Spiderman... and that if there's a place for them in THAT world, maybe there's a place for them in our REAL world, too.

And that's a message that's truly heroic.

Of course, I still want to see more main GLBTQ storylines in comics, but this is progress and deserves to be celebrated.

So Thanks to the cover artist, David LaFuente Garcia, for being a super-hero of Equality, and to Marvel Comics for running with it!

Good news to start the week!



ivanova said...

It's not on the lips, but still, that's awesome!

cotilla said...

As we know, there are gay superheroes in the Marvel universe, and at least two of them involved in a relationship (Wiccan and Hulkling). But yes, I'm glad that are portraying a gay kiss in the cover. I think I have all the issues featuring Wiccan and Hulkling and the closest I've seen them is with one arm over the shoulers of the other. Thumbs up for Marvel ;)