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Growing Up Gay: A Literary Anthology - Including Lesbian and Gay Teen Short Stories

Edited by Bennett L. Singer
Published in 1993 by the New Press

Mostly consisting of non-fiction entries and excerpts from novels, these short stories in the anthology "Growing Up Gay" are few and far between, but each shows an interesting perspective. I also noticed that if you compare these stories, which were published in 1993 and show the harsh oppression of homosexuality, to current stories today, they show just how far people have come.

Johnnieruth by Becky Birtha
A young girl catches two women kissing in the park and reflects on her experience.

Life Line by Gloria E. Anzaldúa
La Prieta and Suel spend a wonderful summer session at UT in each other’s company. However when they return home, Suel won’t return any of La Prieta’s calls and when they see each other a year later, Suel runs from her former love.

Cat by Julia Carter
At 12 years old Cat wants nothing to do with the new girl Sheila, but at 16 years old the two girls discover just how much they like each other. However, everything goes awry when Sheila’s Uncle comes home early from work one day and sees the two girls together.

Dawn by James Purdy
Timmy’s old fashioned father sees his son’s underwear ad in a newspaper. He rushes to New York where he meets Timmy’s “roommate” Freddy. Timmy and his dad hash their issues out but Freddy knows that he has lost Timmy forever.

A Whisper in the Veins by Terry Wolverton
Gregory lost touch with his parents years ago, after he came out to them. However he goes to visit his widowed mother after the death of his partner Roger and what he does next surprises the both of them.

In My Own Space by Calvin Glenn
Chris is extremely excited to be in college and decides to be who he really is, gay. He decorates his new dorm room with poster of his favorite band, a lion, and the perfect man. However, his two roommates say that the picture makes them feel uncomfortable and try to harass Chris to move out. But, it is the reaction of the school dean that shows the progress being made.

Teamwork by Lucy Jane Bledsoe
When a frat boy yells a homophobic phrase at a woman’s college basketball game, the morale of the team is ripped down in a way that even Coach Montgomery can’t repair.

Abominations by Lev Raphael
Brenda shows support for her brother Nat when his dorm room is torched for his being gay.

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