Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love & Sex: Ten Stories Of Truth - A GLBTQ Teen Short Story Anthology

Edited by Michael Cart

Published in 2001 by Simon and Schuster

Though I loved Michael Cart’s other anthology, How Beautiful the Ordinary, the GLBTQ stories in this collection disappointed me. Though I enjoyed “The Welcome” the other two were not as pleasing. However, I do love the theme of a true portrayal of love, even though at times the stories do become pretty racy.

The Cure for Curtis by Chris Lynch
After having a fantasy dream about himself with another man, namely his cousin, Curtis is very confused. He is convinced that he became gay overnight and tells his girlfriend Lisa and cousin Phil. Lisa helps Curtis talk through his identity crisis and shares some dreams of her own.

The Acuteness of Desire by Michael Lowenthal
Note: This story would be considered erotica.
After becoming ‘excited’ by a game of strip poker in 8th grade, Matt is teased by Jesse and his friends. All throughout high school Jesse makes an effort to separate himself from Matt, until they are put in the same math class. There Jesse must confront his true feelings of desire for the boy he once teased for the same thing.

The Welcome by Emma Donoghue
Luce came out to her mother at 16 and moved to a all-women commune called The Welcome. At 18, these women have become her family and when a spot opens up they welcome one more member, JJ. Immediately the usually picky and prude Luce is attracted to JJ’s strong hands and handsome appearance, but years later Luce will find out that not everyone fits into neat little boxes.

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