Monday, October 4, 2010

GSA Monday: October is LGBT History Month!

This is a project of Equality Forum, in conjunction with the announcement by the U.S. Department of Education recognizing October as LGBT History Month.

“For a community deprived of its history, GLBT History Month teaches heritage, provides role models, builds community, and recognizes extraordinary national and international contributions,”
said Ora Alger, LGBTA Employees at ED President, U.S. Department of Education.

Every day in October they'll update this video feed below with a new video of a LGBT Icon. So keep checking back to learn and cheer and be inspired!

The videos are brief - like headlines -, and then there's more information on each of the month's icons here where you can click on their "biography" links to learn more.

So, for October 1st's icon, Eric Alva, you learn more than that he was the first US Soldier injured in the Iraq war, who became a national spokesperson for the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." We get powerful quotes like this one:

“I had fought and nearly died to secure rights for others that I was not free to enjoy. I had proudly served a country that was not proud of me.”

It's a cool resource.

Happy Queerstory!


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