Monday, October 11, 2010

GSA Mondays: Next week is ALLY WEEK - Let's Get YOU (and your GSA) ready!

One thing I've learned from over two years of volunteering with a local high school's Gay-Straight Alliance club is that some meetings are inward-focused, and some extend the club out into the larger school community.

Next week (Oct 18-22, 2010) is "Ally Week," and GLSEN (The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) is helping everyone get ready to celebrate our Allies and have members of the broader community stand up and say, "Yes, I'm an Ally to the Gay Community."

You can have people sign up and take the Ally Pledge to end Anti-LGBT Bullying and harassment.

If you are an Ally, you can stand up and let people know you believe in LGBTQ Equality. That you believe that our schools and our communities should be a safe space for all people, Straight and Gay and anywhere in-between.

And if you are a member of the GLBTQ community, let our Allies know that THEY are part of our community as well. Invite them to be part of our GSA clubs, invite them to share our journey and struggle - and ultimate triumph as we all change the world together... And make it a better place!

So this week, plan how you (and your GSA) can reach out to our Allies in your school and in your communities.

And next week, we'll celebrate our Allies!



ivanova said...

Ally week--very cool idea!

kittens not kids said...

here i am, an ally myself, and didn't even know there WAS an ally week.
Actually, I was just thinking today that I wish there was a stronger term than ally - i am a straight girl, but I am very deeply and seriously invested in queerness in all of its many forms and functions (and people!). and "ally" just doesn't feel strong enough, to me, to express how I feel about my own support, interest, advocacy, friendships, academic work, in and around queerness.

but still - ally week sounds great! straight ( or straightish) folks need to know that the fight for LGBTQ equality is not just for queer folks; none of us can be equal or free if any segment of our population is oppressed.