Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Princess Boy - A Non-Fiction Picture Book (and the true story) Of A Gender Non-Conforming Boy and his Super-Supportive Family And School

In this world of hard stories about bullying - especially bullying of GLBTQ kids - Dyson is a boy who wants to wear sparkly, pink and swirly clothes. And this gender non-conforming 5 year old gets full support and unconditional love from not only his parents, and his older brother, but even his school... When Dyson wanted to dress up as a Princess for the school celebration of Halloween, three of the biggest "macho" male adults at his school dressed up as ballerinas - not as a joke, but to show their support!

It's a story well worth watching:

And as the TV show host says,

"A little more love, kindness and acceptance would go a long way."
Dyson's Mom Cheryl Kliodavis wrote and published "My Princess Boy: A Mom's Story about a young boy who loves to dress up," a non-fiction picture book about her son and their experience.

My thanks to author Hayden Thorne for sharing this with me so I could share it with you, and to Richard Metzger, whose article at Dangerous Minds, My Princess Boy: Meet The Most Awesome Family In America, tells the story beautifully.



ivanova said...

They are the coolest family!

Nicole said...

What a neat idea!

kittens not kids said...

hooray! one of my all-time favorite memories is from a few years back; i was visiting my parents in florida, and we were having dinner at a disney hotel that did a "character" thing (cinderella, i think) - most of the kids (little girls, almost all of them) dressed in princess gear. and my family and i were sitting there, eating our salads or whatever, and a family came in with a little girl (4-ish) and boy (7-ish), and both were dressed up: little one as a cinderella, boy as tinkerbell.
It was AWESOME. As my mom astutely said "what great parents, for letting both kids dress up as they wanted." the whole family was totally nonchalant about it all, exactly like all the other families of princess-sparkly-dressed kids.

It was one of the most awesome and happy sights of my life. I hope that little Tinkerboy, wherever he is these days, is sparkly and happy and doing whatever makes him happiest.

Love this family, with their adorable Princess Boy. GREAT parents, great older brother, fabulous coverage - interviewer handles this extremely well, and doesn't do any of that crummy "don't you worry you're not helping him prepare for the real world?" nonsense.

YAY! i love Princess Boys!

Anonymous said...

Aw! ^^ I recently did work experience at a nursery school, and there were a boy and a girl who wre best friends, and dressed up all the time. The girl always dressed up as Darth Vadar, and the boy always wore glittery princess dresses. It was just the sweetest thing! =')