Monday, November 29, 2010

Graeme, a Gay 14 Year Old, Speaks Up To Defend A Teacher Who Stood Up To Anti-Gay Bullying

Get this.

So back on Spirit Day at Howell High School in Michigan, teacher Jay McDowell (who was wearing a purple shirt) asked a student to leave his classroom after the student made hateful comments about Gay people.

The TEACHER was suspended.

Here's a video of a students speaking out at the school board meeting in the teacher's support:

(If this embedded video doesn't work, try going here to watch it:

And here's more about the teacher's suspension (note: the queerty site has adult ads on it. You can see the article here.)

Thank you, Jay, for not letting anti-gay hate speech go unchallenged in your classroom.

And Thank you, Graeme, for STANDING UP for what's right.

You both inspire me.


P.S. Thanks as well to Arianne for giving me the heads-up on this story, so I could share it with all of you!


Anonymous said...

Too bad the video has been pulled Lee. I would have liked to have viewed it. Thanks for the update though. Keep up your amazing work.


Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Hi BK,
sorry that video was pulled - there's still a video of it up here:


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting, Lee!!


CL said...

This kid has blown me away! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing video.