Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Keisha's Shadow - A Teen Lesbian Romance

By Sandra Barret

Tori's dumped by her high school girlfriend for not being out and proud enough.

She's eighteen and trying to deal with college, her mom, and the legacy of her dead sister, Keisha.

The only ways she can get through is by drinking, cutting, and riding her horse.

Then Ashley shows up at the stables, shaking Tori's world to the core.

Note: In Keisha's Shadow does go erotica.

My thanks to Nora for the recommendation - it's exciting to have a bi-racial main character in a lesbian teen romance! Please share your reviews of "In Keisha's Shadow" in comments.

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ivanova said...

I enjoyed this romantic story. The things that really stuck out for me as very authentic were the main character Tori's grief over the death of her sister Keisha, which she just didn't want to think about, and her problems with her mother. Tori feels that her mom doesn't love her as much as she did Keisha because Tori isn't "black enough." There's also a fun best friend, a great love interest, and lots of horseback riding. At times "In Keisha's Shadow" reminded me of a classic "problem novel" from the Seventies. But, as Lee pointed out, it did have smutty parts and isn't for young teens.