Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Comment Challenge Day 7 check-in. How's the Commentidigitation going?

Okay, we're seven days in - one week, a third of the distance to a new community-building habit of 5 comments on kid lit blogs a day. And MotherReader and I have a few questions for you:

So, how are you doing?

Are you finding your rhythm?

Are you finding lots of new (to you) blogs you love?

Are you being found?

Are you commenting more than usual?

Are you feeling connected?

And, most important, are you having fun?

I hope the answer to all the above is YES, but the most important question is "are you having fun?" Because really, you're in the world of children's publishing because of your passion for it, so blog-hopping and commenting in our virtual community shouldn't feel like work.

Rather, imagine it's like a fun cocktail party, with lots of great conversations going on that you can bounce around and among without offending anyone - and you don't have to get trapped into staying and listening to someone go on and on about their fifteen volume 80,000 word picture book series on yeast, and how they expect to direct the motion picture... You can just click on over to the next conversation, which of course will resonate deeply with you, and comment there with passion and elan! Or just say, Yeah! Why do they keep doing that to poor Huck Finn?

Here's my own report card:

Okay, I wish I could wow you all with some amazing feat of commentidigitation (a new term I just coined for capturing the magic of commenting) and be an inspiration... but frankly, I think I'm an inspiration of a different sort - of the reality that finding the time to comment on blogs is indeed a challenge. Out of the past six days, I found that time on three of them. Each of those days I did really well, with 6, 6, and 7 comments respectively. The other days, not even one comment. Sigh. But, I am thinking about commenting more, and today is still young... I may make this a commenting day yet! So, not quite a habit yet, but my sticky note is by my computer, and it's on my mind.

How did you do? Let me know here in comments. And remember, commenting here also gets you in the running for a random prize drawing!

So if you're going great, keep it up. If you need to up your numbers like I do, be inspired by how much great stuff is out there. Either way, comment away!



BookBlogFun said...

Good morning! This is my first time doing the Comment Challenge and so far I am learning a lot and having fun. That doesn't mean it has been easy. I have completed my 5 comments per day so far but have been up late some nights getting it done. Most of all I am grateful that I stumbled onto this. For me, working in the book blog world just needed to move to another level and I feel I am getting there as I meet the community of book bloggers that are out there.
~ Lauri Chandler

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that you're having some trouble, fearless leader! I find I am spending a lot more time reading the blogs in my feeder. (I usually just skim and stop if something really grabs me.) But that time means I'm not doing something else, like reading the books that I'm supposed to be reviewing!

I am having fun. I have received more comments than usual. I have found some new blogs to follow. I hope you don't mind that I swiped your lovely graphic to add some punch to my Comment Challenge posts.

Lastly, hope your birthday was a blast and thanks for giving us all an easy comment to add to our list!


Alex said...

Actually, the comment challenge is going pretty well. Have managed 5 a day + 1 extra. What is nice is finding new blogs that I like.
And some people have found me. I like that.
Thanks to you and Mother Reader.

Heather Kelly said...

Yes to all of the above. I am getting out and commenting almost every day. But I need to focus on commenting more on new blogs. Because I love to branch out and meet new people during this challenge!

Unknown said...

I'm having fun, though my numbers aren't nearly as high as I'd like them to be - I was sick over the weekend and didn't want to be in front of the computer, and now it's a busy week at work which doesn't leave time for catching up on my commenting! The comments I have had time to leave, however, have spurred some good discussions, so that's always exciting. I love when bloggers come back and respond to my comments, so it can really become a conversation!

Sheri Doyle said...

I started a little late (Monday) so I am trying to catch up. I commented on 16 blogs over the last two days. I'm discovering a lot of great blogs in the processs. It's time-consuming - but worth it!

Playing by the book said...

I'm having a ball! 81 comments so far and three new (to me) blogs that are definitely going to become regular reads for me:

What I find makes it easy for me to comment is trying to be fearless - realising that not all comments have to be meaty and that even just a hello can be a useful starting point to building a new blogging relationship. That said once I read a new post properly, rather than skim it, it's often quite easy to comment on something a bit more meaningful than just a wave across the pond.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Sometimes I have time to comment a lot on other blogs, sometimes I only have time to respond to my own commenters (top priority!). But this week wasn't bad:
Fri(when I joined): 9
Sat - 17

So far, I'm mostly commenting on my regular friends, so I need to hop and branch out more. But have gotten a couple hoppers on my blog, so Yay!

And YES to all of the above - I only do it when it's fun. ;)

Kate Coombs said...

This IS fun! I've encountered a few technical difficulties, though--some sites where my computer (or the blog) won't let me comment, for example. And sites that aren't really there anymore. But that's useful information. So far, so good with the 5 per day. Lots of great blogs and posts!

Callie said...

I am having so much fun with this challenge. I'm finding a lot of great new blogs to read, and I am honored that people are commenting on my blog as well.
What I have enjoyed the most is having a chance to talk about stories with others, and read some really great writing.
I'm 30 comments in, doing 5 a day so far.

Beth G. said...

I've definitely been finding some great new-to-me blogs, and it's been fun having more interaction on my own blog.

I'm at 31 comments this morning.

Brimful Curiosities said...

I've met the 5-a-day challenge, sometimes more, but I'm terrible at keeping track of the exact number. Impressed by Zoe's accuracy.

New to me:
New to me book:

MotherReader said...

I told everyone to come here and then forgot to do so myself. Snow on the brain.

I've had a rough time because I've been sick with a cold and finding it hard to concentrate. So I had a big beginning day of fifteen comments and a rally last night of ten more. With the comments in between and ones today I'm on target with an average of five a day. What I rediscovered is that once I start reading blogs with the intent to comment, I do find something to say. It may not be the most clever or funny or insightful, but I'm there.

Anonymous said...

Mornin' Lee. It's going great and yes to all the other questions. Have one blog hiding in the weeds a bit while I figure it all out, already have some followers for it and comments--so it's going to keep me on track for moving forward with it.

I know I am up to at least 35 comments. Decided to go with making sure I do at least 5 per day and find that I do do more. And, like Mother Reader said...I find that reading with the "intent to comment" really does help!

Thanks for all this,


Catherine said...

This is my first Comment Challenge, and I was buzzing along, doing my 5 comments a day, when the weekend hit. Full stop. I didn't get one comment in, but I decided not to beat myself up about it. I sit at the computer 5 days a week, and I need my weekends to recharge. Monday morning I was back in the driver's seat, commenting away. I've enjoyed finding new blogs, and it's been nice seeing the comments pile up on my own blog. All in all, a positive experience.

Jonathon Arntson said...

I participated in the challenge last year, it coincided with my first month of blogging, so it was a perfect way to discover fellow bloggers and gain followers. I've been dragging my feet this year, so I'll make it easy on myself: I'll click on the first five commentors here and comment. In the coming days, I'll get more diligent about it.

LS Murphy said...

I joined in on the 7th, so I'm behind. This has been a lot harder than I expected, but I'm having fun. There has been a slight increase in my blog too. And I've found a few awesome blogs that I've enjoyed.
All in all, this is a great experience!

Madigan Mirza said...

I took part in the comment challenge the last time it rolled around, and found it difficult, if not impossible to keep up with 5 comments a day (but, I was much more of a lurker then)

This go around, I've found it pretty easy! I'm exploring a lot of the blogs on MotherReader's round-up, and making sure to comment on my favorites. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I haven't really been keeping track at all... other than keeping up with 5, of course. And I don't count replies to comments on my own blog towards the challenge.

Last night I hit a bit of a rut... visited about 20 blogs, (yes, I'm putting my "snowcation" to good use) and couldn't think of a single thing to say! That's when you know it's time to step away from the computer, and try again later. Sure enough, I'm in a commenting mood again, today.

I've been getting some really nice comments on my blog this week, which has been great. I picked a good time to go from 3x a week blogging, to every day blogging.

Joy Weese Moll said...

I've been doing great -- at least five and sometimes more. And, it's getting easier because the more I comment, the more people comment on my blog, and the more I want to continue the conversation by commenting back on their blog. Thanks to you and MotherReader for hosting this. It's giving some early life to my brand new blog.

Unknown said...

I started on Friday, and have managed to get 14 (15 if you count this post) comments in since then.

I am having a good time and finding some new blogs to follow (and a couple new followers, too!)

Thanks for doing this!

Charlotte said...

I am making my five a day average, and I hope to leave lots of comments today since I didn't have to go to work (yay snow). I can't do any blog reading or commenting, so it is sometimes hard on work days to make my quota...

Melissa said...

AAAAHHHH! I don't know what it is: being busy, kids interrupting, can't find anything to say? But I'm behind. *sigh* I am commenting on blogs, and I am discovering new ones, but not at the pace I'd like to be at. Lowering my expectations now.

Storied Cities said...

So far I've left 38 (now 39!) comments. I've been enjoying finding so many new blogs. I've also been reading the posts more carefully, rather than skimming. I hope I can continue this new habit once the challenge ends.

Trina said...

I have tried to leave many more comments than I usually do, but keeping I am terrible (and I mean TERRIBLE) at keeping track of home many. It would only take a tick mark on a sheet of paper, but I'm struggling for some reason with a system of tracking. I have commented every day, perhaps some more than five and others less. I got started late as well. So, my goal for the next seven days is to keep track!

elizabethanne said...

This has been so good for me! I'm new to the KidLit Blogosphere, and through the challenge I'm getting to know new readers and writers, I'm gleaning all sorts of recommendations of books to read, and I've been delighted with the upswing in readership of my blog.

That said, I haven't quite made the average of 5 comments a day -- sometimes I just don't have as much time for blog visiting as I'd like (still have to protect writing time... and do housework!) but since joining the challenge on Friday, I've achieved the following:

Friday -- 5
Saturday -- 3
Sunday -- 5
Monday -- 4
Tuesday -- 2
Wednesday (so far) -- 5

Thanks for this method of getting involved in the bookblog community! It is definitely fun!

Tasha said...

Having a great time with the challenge once again. I've done an average of 5 per day with a low of 3 on one day and a high of 8 yesterday. Still working on getting today's numbers up there.

I do notice that I get more comments on my blog too when the challenge is running. So it seems to be working for folks.

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

Since the Beginning of thy challenge, Pen & Ink has been spreading the Word from Gospel of Blog 43:4.
The Management

(Total 43 comments by 4 members)

Iron Guy Carl said...

It's been a lot of work, but it's been fun. I didn't start until Monday and then I had lots of time because Charlotte, NC is snowed in. Finding time to keep up the pace will be challenging the next couple of weeks, but it's been rewarding already. I've found one other blog to follow, one other blog found me, and I heard from someone for the first time in years.
Now I have a question--if I comment on the same blog twice in one day, does that count once or twice? For example, I commented on two different posts on one blog yesterday. I also commented twice on one post for another blog because I forgot to say something. If I count the # of comments made, it would be 19,but if I exclude double-posting, it would be 16.

Anonymous said...

Last question first: I'm having a blast with the challenge this year. I knew going in that this past week would be sporadic because we were out of town 2 days for a swim meet, but I planned for that with a couple extra comments so that it would "even out" better.

It has been lots of fun visiting all of the new folks that have stopped by the Reading Tub. I've spotted a few new ones in these comments, too.

Instead of a sticky, I'm using Remember the Milk and changing the Due Date each evening. The next morning I get a pop-up reminding me that I need to take a bit of time to participate in the community. It also lets me keep a legible list that I add to as I go.

teacherninja said...

It's been relatively easy since I've had the last THREE days off of school (and will be off tomorrow)! I'm kinda going crazy and commenting whenever I'm not playing with the girls to give me some slack if I need it later in the challenge.

It's been great, thanks!

Although next time I'm going to make a poem out of all the crazy word verifications!

NatalieSap said...

I joined a few days late, so I didn't grab a post-it this week, but I have been trying to comment more as I read instead of telling myself I'll do it later (which, of course, never happens). I think I'm averaging about 3 a day, which is actually a challenge for me! I love it when new people stop by my blog, so I'm trying to do the same. :)

Sondy at Sonderbooks said...

I love this challenge! Unfortunately, when I started off my own blog was broken -- and was eating all comments, past and present. However, doing the comment challenge did motivate me to fix it!

I'm doing pretty good -- 30 comments so far, which isn't quite up to the average of 5 a day, but still within reach to make up. It boils down to making an effort to read more blogs, and I love that.

LitLass said...

I just started a couple of days ago, but I've found some blogs I really love. It's been a busy day today (it's my birthday), so this is my first comment of the day. I'll catch up tomorrow.

Beth said...

I've been having fun. I'm been using MotherReader's sign-up as a base -- I go through ten blogs from that a day, and usually get my five comments from that. Then I check my reader. I don't keep track after 5/day because life is too short. If I run out over there I think I'll use this post as my next jumping point.

I've enjoyed seeing some new people at my blog, and I've added some new names to my reader already. And my TBR lists keeps growing.

Anonymous said...

I think I have a solid D in commenting this week. I think this challenge is going to require that I have to do way more reading of blogs from and outside of my Google Reader.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

I'm enjoying the challenge too, and doing pretty well with it:
1/6 = 7 comments
1/7 = 6 comments
1/8 = 5
1/9 = 5
1/10 = 5
1/11 = 7
1/12 = 2 (oops - but I'm hoping my average will save this one!)
1/13 = 5 so far!
Truly, this has been so much fun. I've enjoyed visiting new blogs and have also loved the new visitors to my own blog. Thanks for putting this together! :) e

Even in Australia said...

I'm averaging 2-3 comments per day but checking out many more blogs than that. I'm so excited to discover new blogs and on topics I would never have thought to look at on my own - blogs dedicated just to poetry or just to children's books about WWII. And I so appreciate everyone who has stopped by my brand-new blog - such a great start!

Vasilly said...

I'm not finding my rhythm yet. Or I found it the first day and lost it since. I'm behind by a few comments and I'm hoping to catch up today.

Tracey Neithercott said...

I'm loving the Comment Challenge. This is my first time and I joined late (um, yesterday) but I'm enjoying finding new blogs. I commented on 12 yesterday, though I don't know if I'll be able to keep up that pace!

This community of bloggers is so great. Thanks for running this!

Jennifer Morian Frye said...

I just signed up today, and must say that I am excited! When I clicked over here from MotherReader's blog, I was also pleased to note that I HAD indeed read your blog before. Don't know if I ever commented though. Thanks for your part in this, and on the subject of Huck Finn, Rick Riordan has a great post on the subject. : ) Have a great day!

Katie said...

As a new blogger, I am finding the comment challenge very helpful. I was at 38 comments last night, and I'm working on my daily five right now. Not only am I interacting with friendly folks, I'm also acquiring quite a to read list from all the reviews I've been reading!

madelyn said...

I did this last year and found it pretty easy. This time, I'm doing kind of meh. I think part of the reason is that the national news has been consuming, so I'm doing my reading there instead of in blogs during my free time. I have found some new blogs this year, and have visited a few old friends as well. Hoping for a better week next week.

Shelly B said...

I didn't get to check in or do any commenting yesterday due to an all day function I was in charge of, but I'm here to let you know how it's going. This is my 2nd year to participate, and I will have to say that I am doing pretty good so far. It is definitely helping me to recreate the commenting habit. I am averaging 5.5 comments per day. There are some days when I don't get to comment, but I haven't missed more than 1 day in a row, so that's good. I will have to say that I have only been commenting on book blogs in my reader, not venturing out to new ones, which is bad. My plan is to remedy this over the weekend when I have time to dig into the blogs that are participating. I haven't noticed the comments increasing on my blog, but that's not the point of this. I love the challenge and am inspired to keep going.

Kristen said...

I love this challenge so far. Definitely having fun and feeling connected but it's hard to get the 5 in a day. I've been catching up on days off, doubling or tripling up as I go through my week of google reader goodness. I've had a few new people over at my blog too which is tons of fun! :) I plan to hit the list of participating blogs this weekend and make sure I comment at least once. Thanks again for posting this!

Greg Pincus said...

Like you, Lee, I've been inconsistent. I've also been commenting on non-book blogs more, I've noticed, so that's good. I also have been taking internet-free days (on purpose) so I'm absolving myself on those days, though trying to make up in volume on others. So far... that's been mixed, too. But we've only just begun!

Kristin McIlhagga said...

The fact that 43 people have already commented to post their check-in is quite impressive! I'm enjoying seeing everyone's comments and this week am going to focus on expanding to read and comment on some different blogs.

I did pretty well this week, not quite five a day but considering I'm a full time ph.d. student trying to finish papers from last semester and mother to two girls, I feel good about what I've done.

There were 4 days that I posted 5 times, 2 days that I posted 2 times and one that I missed all together. On to week 2!

melanie said...

Forgot to come check in yesterday! I've had some unexpected apartment cleaning eating up my free time, but I'm at 27 comments for the week, which is better than I thought it would be. I haven't really seen increased traffic on my own blog--as some others have said, I've mainly been commenting on blogs in my reader, due in my case to my lack of time. My goal for this week: find new blogs from all the lovely people who've checked in here!

Jim Randolph, I love the idea of a word verification poem!

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

I agree with Melanie. Jim, I love the idea of a word verification poem!
Keep commenting, everyone!

Amy L V said...

I have some catching up to do, but it is great keep track of my comments and reflect on being part of this community. I have certainly enjoyed meeting the new people who have stopped by my blog, and it's been great fun to discover some new blogs! This week I will catch up and stay on track. Goal promised! A.

Carol H Rasco said...

Oh, me, I did my commenting and then forgot to come here and report. As of Wednesday night I had 40 comments, one per day over the 5 for each day. This is such a good exercise for me, thank you to you and MotherReader for sponsoring it!

Lindsay N. Currie said...

I have enjoyed the comment challenge so much! Not only have I reconnected with writers I may have neglected a tad (oops) but I also have met so many new people that my only complaint is that I didn't find this last year!! I've actually been posting more than 5 per day. . . sometimes long after the kids go to bed. Thanks again, I'm really enjoying.

Miranda Hardy said...

During the first seven days I've made 52 comments on various writing blogs. It's been great connecting to blogs I haven't commented on in a while and I have found some great new blogs along the way. I am glad I jumped in on this challenge.

J L Jackson

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Yes, my commenting has picked up somewhat. Although some days I comment more than others. I really feel like I'm getting more out of blog posts now. This has been a great idea for me to reconnect with the blogs I love to read. Happy to say that I'm pretty much on track with my commenting!

Debbie Diesen said...

Well, I'm 4 days late for the 7 day check-in, and I haven't hit my 5-daily all days. That said, I'm thoroughly enjoying the challenge, both in terms of exploring new blogs and having new visitors to my own. Having fun with it, and intend to keep up my new habits when the challenge is over.

Unknown said...

Well, the challenge has definitely made me comment MORE, but not as much as the 5 per day.