Monday, January 24, 2011

No Name Calling Week (Jan 24-28, 2011) Starts Today - And What YOU Can Do To Be Part Of It!

Inspired by James Howe's amazing MG novel, The Misfits,

No Name Calling Week is a project of GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network. The idea is to recognize the power of words and to talk about how to stop bullying - and then take action to stop it!

There's a cool event happening tomorrow, a Booklist webinar "Battle Bullying with Books: Celebrate No Name-Calling Week at 2pm EST (11am PST)

It will be an "hour-long webinar on how high-quality children’s and young adult literature can help prevent bullying, including a presentation by James Howe, acclaimed author of The Misfits (2001)."

It's also great that a bunch of publishers are sponsoring this program: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, Albert Whitman and Company, Rosen Publishing, and Candlewick Press.

And you must check out the Barnes & Nobel website for No Name Calling Week

- including beautiful videos by James Howe, Sonya Sones, Laurie Halse Anderson, and more speaking out about bullying!!! - it's well worth checking out!

Oh, and Pete Hautman has one of the best lines in his video:

"If two dogs with brains the size of walnuts can figure it [bullying] out, don't you think we can, too?"

But I think the best way to honor No Name Calling week is to STOP calling other people names.

Imagine a week where there's no words of denigration used at all. No "fag" or "bitch" or "lame" or "retard." No slurs against those of different ethnic backgrounds or races. No teasing of anyone for being different. Imagine a world where people feel better about themselves based on who they ARE, rather than on trying to feel better than someone else.

And now, let's make that world a reality - one No Name Calling day at a time!



ps- Thanks to Tyler for sharing some of these great links with me so I could share them with you!


ivanova said...

Wow! All this is awesome!

Alex said...

What a good idea. I would definitely like to be part of this, and will look into it.

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

So if some woman calls me "Suavicito", "Stud Muffin", or "Love Monkey" I should be offended?
Nameless In LA

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Yay! Thanks for your kind comments - and Pen and Ink, it's all in HOW it's said: if "Love Monkey" is said in a mocking, hurtful tone, then maybe you should ask her to stop. If it's said as a term of endearment, then, I guess you can brag about it!
Namaste to all,

Jennifer Morian Frye said...

Great idea! Names do hurt, as anyone ever called hurtful names knows. Thanks for spreading the word.

Katie said...

I love that there is a week for this.

Unknown said...

I did a video and a power point slide presentation, not to mention writing a book to support the It Gets Better and Anti-Bullying campaigns.

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