Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Accidental Adventures of India McAllister- A Middle Grade Graphic Novel with A Gay Parent

By Charlotte Agell

India (named after the ink, not the sub continent) is nine.

She was adopted from China and lives with her Mother in small town in Maine, and spends the weekends with her Gay Dad and his partner in a nearby town.

As India says,

"I love my dad, too, except that he lives with Richard, and I'm just not so sure about Richard. It doesn't seem fair that he gets to see Dad every day and I don't."
Here's the really charming book trailer:

A diary-like illustrated story, the book isn't about these potential "issues" - it's about India and her dog, Tofu, and her friend, Colby, and the everyday - and yes, accidental, adventures of being nine.

You can check out India (the character's) blog here. And add your review of "The Accidental Adventures of India McAllister" in comments!


nutschell said...

How cool! I love that LGBT characters are making their way into children's lit. love it!

Mimi Cross said...

The Accidental Adventures of India McAllister is a little gem of a book. Perfect for middle grade. I loved it!

I hope you swing over to Amazon and read my review:, it was a bit long to paste here!

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Yes, Nutschell - it's great.

Mimi, what a great review! Thanks for giving us the link. And you know, I would have been happy for you to paste that whole thing here, too.