Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blood Brothers: Matthew Boger and Tim Zaal transform Hate 2 Hope

This is a stunner of a story:

I had the privilege of hearing Matthew and Tim talk recently at a Los Angeles school, and I got goosebumps as they spoke about how they met so many years after Tim had thought he had murdered Matthew.

About how Tim found the strength and insights to change his path.

And how Matthew found the power within himself to survive, thrive, and then, ultimately, forgive.

About the possibility of peace, and mutual respect, and... hope.

Their remarkable real life journeys were the inspiration for the YA novel "Freaks and Revelations," and I'm so glad they're sharing their story with the world!

Left to right: Tim Zaal, Matthew Boger, and Me.

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Pat Kahn's Childsplay said...

Wow, what a story! Thanks for posting it, Lee.