Thursday, February 10, 2011

Circle Of Change - A Gay and Transgender (FTM) Teen Book

By Laney Cairo

Kim is 17 and it's his last year in high school. Gay and also transgender (ftm), he's lost and unhappy in his female body, and his mother has agreed that it's time for him to start hormone therapy towards transitioning.

Then Kim meets Dash, a university student, and sparks fly. They start going out, but when Kim reveals that he's transgender, Dash reacts badly.

With everything else going on in their lives, will Kim and Dash be able to try again and find happiness with each other?

Interestingly, this is the first book featured on this site that is not available in print, but rather is only available as an e-book through its publisher and on Kindle. Add your review of "Circle of Change" in comments!


Sally Bibrary said...

Hmm, thanks for the tip, Lee - this definitely goes on my to-read list. I've had Laney's "Crossing the Line" (which explores an mtf theme) waiting patiently on my ereader for a while now, but hadn't really looked into what else she's written.

Liana said...

cool I'll check this out. this book as a lot going on.

Angie said...

Hey, one I've read. :)

I liked this book a lot. I particularly appreciated that Dash didn't initially react like a Queer Studies major -- his initial knee-jerk reaction when Kim confided in him is a complete fail, but it's the kind of fail a lot of guys his age (or any age, really) would've had. This is Dash's story as much as Kim's, and I enjoyed watching him learn and grow and realign his thinking. Watching him do that carries the message that no one's born knowing all this stuff; you can make a mistake, even a huge one, without being a bad person so long as you then admit your mistake and apologize and learn better.