Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sometimes The Spoon Runs Away With Another Spoon: A Gender Non-Conforming and GLBTQ-Friendly Coloring Book!

By Jacinta Bunnell, illustrations by Nathaniel Kusinitz

From a Girl riding her dinosaur best friend to a Prince riding off into the sunset (on his sparkly pony) with the boy next door, the pages of this coloring book do more than just shimmer with the possibilities of coloring... they sparkle with the possibilities of life being more than what "society" says is okay for our gender.

Pushing these boundaries in this format is fantastic, because I want to live in a world where children accept that just as a Prince might want to find the girl who fits the glass slipper to marry her, a Prince might need to find her because he has to know where she got them so he can get a pair in his size!

Here are two of the great pages from the interior:

I love that she's hoping for a Frog Princess!

"Grumpy hasn't been grumpy
ever since he borrowed Snow White's shoes.
Now the only problem is
what to do about having two Happys in the family."
How awesome is that?

I totally wish that back when I was a kid I'd had this coloring book to read and color and dream outside the lines...

At least we have it now.

Thanks, Jacinta and Nathaniel!



ivanova said...

That is hilarious! And great!

Anonymous said...

Ahaha those pictures are adorable. I'm totally wanting to colour the frog&princess one.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the last one! Thanks for sharing these, Lee..

Whimsy said...

This is totally charming, and utterly adorable. Now I want to go color. ^___^

nutschell said...

I love this! I wish we had more books like this when we were younger.

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much love!

Sally Bibrary said...

Oh, this is so precious! I love the Princess and Grumpy, although I really want to see the Prince on the sparkly pony. :)