Wednesday, March 9, 2011

F2M: The Boy Within - A Transgender (FTM, Female To Male) Teen Novel

By Hazel Edwards and Ryan Kennedy

18 year old Skye plays in an all-girl punk band, The Chronic Cramps. And she is just coming out as someone who feels that inside... she's a guy. As a transgender FTM (female to male) teen, Skye starts transitioning into Finn.

With help from friends and family, Finn goes public about his transition as he makes his way and his name in the punk music scene.

This book has been nominated for the 23rd Annual Lambda Literary Awards, and I thought it was really interesting that Ryan, one of the authors, experienced gender reassignment from female to male himself. Add your review of "F2M: The Boy Within" in comments!


Anonymous said...

I bought this book and found it good and I think I will read this again sometime later

Ryan Kennedy said...

Lee, thanks for your write-up of our book here, and for your great work in schools. My co-author Hazel Edwards and I hope that the book can continue to provide information and insights for young people who may not have access to transgender speakers or support in their own schools.