Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guess Which Organization Has THESE As Their Core Values: Part One, The QUIZ

•Tell The Truth
•Be Fair
•Keep Your Promises
•Respect The Individual
•Encourage Intellectual Curiosity

Go ahead, put your guess about what organization champions these values in comments!

I'll give you the answer tomorrow. (Oh, and no fair googling it - try to guess based on what you already know. It'll be more fun that way.)

One clue: I would NEVER have guessed this. EVER.



ivanova said...

The Girl Scouts? No, the Boy Scouts?

Anonymous said...

SMYRC? I don't think that's an organization, though...

Roof Beam Reader said...

I know the answer, so I won't spoil it - but it's pretty amazing (and shocking). :)

Carole Cummings said...

Well, just the fact that you seem so boggled makes me think it's the RNC or something like that. Or Westboro Baptist, even, heaven forfend.

Jin said...

...The tea party...? No idea. XD