Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Drawing Love: An In-Between High School And College Lesbian Art Novella

By Juli Jousan

"Mo is 18-years-old and done with high school.

She spends the summer in Amsterdam taking an art class before she heads off to college in the fall.

She carries her journal with the secrets of Samantha whom she loved but has left behind.

Playing guitar on the streets of Amsterdam, Mo meets a saxophonist, Elka.

Mo falls in and out of love... and in again."

"Drawing Love" is an art novella written in journal form and published by the author's own company. You can add your review in comments!


The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

I love the illustration

Juli Jousan said...

Thanks! The painting on the front cover, the drawing on the back cover, and the ones within the book were created by my talented friend Katrina Binkewicz. It was an interesting creative process to join the art with the writing.

Liza said...

I read your book and I love it! What are you writing now?

Juli Jousan said...

Thanks! Currently I am writing blogs that I post on my website every weekend. My most recent one called In Trouble is a personal story about when my mother found out about my first girlfriend. A passsage in Drawing Love is based on how I felt when I first talked to my mom about being in love with another girl.

Juli said...

I am very excited about a review of my book written by Spoken at Lezbelib.com

Check it out!


Juli Jousan said...

I am very excited about a review of Drawing Love written by Spoken at Lezbelib.com.

Check it out!