Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nightsiders: A postapocalyptic short story collection with a Transgender Teen Character!

By Sue Isle

"In a future world of extreme climate change, Perth, Western Australia’s capital city, has been abandoned. Most people were evacuated to the East and organized infrastructure and services have gone.

A few thousand obstinate and independent souls cling to the city and to the southern towns. Living mostly by night to endure the fierce temperatures, they are creating a new culture in defiance of official expectations. A teenage girl stolen from her family as a child; a troupe of street actors who affect their new culture with memories of the old; a boy born into the wrong body; and a teacher who is pushed into the role of guide tell the story of The Nightside."

The Transgender teen searches and finds both a way to physically realize the person they are and also an acceptance of this in a postapocalyptic world.

Add your review of this collection of four short stories, "Nightsiders," in comments!


Sally Bibrary said...

Post apocalyptic goodness, and a transgender teen? Count me in - thanks for the tip!

ivanova said...

Wow, this looks amazing! I'm going to buy it even though it's international postage.