Thursday, June 16, 2011

With Or Without You: A Gay Teen Novel

By Brian Farrey

"High school seniors Evan and Davis are tired of being outcasts—and tired of being bullied. So when a charismatic runaway named Sable recruits them to join a group called the Chasers, Davis is swept away by his promises of status and friendship with other gay teens. But Evan’s suspicious. He shies from Sable’s volatility, retreating to spend time with the boyfriend he’s kept secret for almost a year.

Then the Chasers meetings turn dangerous. And Evan must choose between his best friend and his boyfriend before the Chasers’ final initiation—a ceremony that involves having unprotected sex with an HIV-positive member of the group who has successfully chased the virus."

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ivanova said...

I just saw this in the bookstore the other day and I'm really looking forward to reading this!

Jonathon Arntson said...

I'm really excited to read this, but I hadn't paid attention to the release date. Ordering now.

Doret said...

I loved With or Without You, my review. At the bottom there's a link to read the first chapter

Kelley York said...

I absolutely LOVED this book. His writing is fantastic, I loved all the characters - even the ones I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to love. And any book that ends realistically has my vote.