Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Travels Through Love And Time: Three Stories Of Lesbian Love

By Christine Hall Volkoff

"From the rocky coves of a small island in the South of France in her teenage years, the glamour of the Cannes Film Festival in the 60's to a café in Paris in the 80's as a middle aged woman, Christine doesn't really know if she is looking for love, or if love is looking for her.

As a teenager, she encounters love in the person of her parents' unwelcome guest, a thirty year old Italian actress.

Later on in her life, at the terrace of a small outdoor café, she discusses French literature with an unknown woman, and enters into a whirlwind of anxiety and desire only mitigated by good food and the magic of the city. Has Christine learned anything about love in her travels?

In Venice Beach, California, now mature, she becomes smitten with a woman 30 years her junior. As she tries to give Bethany some comfort, she will let herself descend once again into the mysteries of infatuation. Will she be able to follow the advice of her teenage years, finally be able to enjoy the good life, and recover her peace of mind?"

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Joanna said...

Have to say the French connection always makes me want to read.

Lee, I have awarded you the incredibly sweet blog award, you can check it out here at Miss Marple’s Musings http://joannamarple.com/?p=1496.

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Hi Joanna,
Thank you for your comment, and for the kindness behind your wanting to give me this award. I don't participate in chain-type awards, but I am very honored to have my blog thought of by you. Thanks, and Namaste, Lee

Joanna said...

Hey Lee, I totally understand :) I am new to blogging so just working out what is acceptable etc Important thing is I do enjoy reading your blog posts and follow regularly. Maybe see you at SCBWI in a couple of weeks if you are going?

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Hi Joanna. No worries. Yes, I'll be there as part of SCBWI Team Blog!