Tuesday, August 9, 2011

365 Days - A Questioning, Coming Out, Lesbian Teen Novel

By K.E. Payne

Clemmie's 15, and thinks she's in love with her school friend, J.

But J doesn't even seem to know Clemmie exists, so Clemmie's dating Ben, who kind of bores her.

Now when sexy new-girl Hannah enters the scene, things get even more confusing... and interesting!

Written as a series of first person diary entries, 365 Days is a year in the life of a young lesbian coming out and falling in love.

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ivanova said...

Waah, I just bought this! I will leave my review as soon as I'm done.

Beth said...

Beth from SCBWI. Just wanted to drop by and say hi.

ivanova said...

OK, I finished 365 Days, and I really liked it. It's written in diary entries and it's British, so it reminded me of other books I like, like Adrian Mole and The Carbon Diaries. Plus, humorous British phrases I've never heard before, like "fit as the butcher's dog." The characters were light-hearted, funny teenagers who seemed very realistic. The main character Clemmie didn't want to come out to her friends and family, but she wasn't fussed about falling for a girl. The romance was very sweet. I would definitely read a sequel!