Thursday, August 18, 2011

"My Two Wives and Three Husbands: A True Love Story" by S. Stanley Gordon

The first thing I will say is that S. Stanley Gordon seems like a much cooler, more fun person than most of my friends (no offense to any of my friends who read these reviews).

I was immediately drawn into the story. Gordon gets straight to the point, saying that though he has many experiences to write about, he’ll stick to the topic of love for this book. His story moves quickly, starting with his Russian upbringing in a large family. As a child, he dealt with a lot of anti-Semitism, so he learned to hide his homosexuality so that he wouldn’t be made fun of. He also dated women and married a woman initially. But he slept with men quite a lot. I won’t give away the rest of his story, but it moves quickly and is really intriguing.

From Gordon’s writing style, you’d assume that he was anywhere from 20-40 years old. With his use of exclamation points and sentences like “Let’s face it: I was a teenage slut!” it’s hard to believe he’s about 88 years old. He writes with much enthusiasm, and it feels as though he’s a good friend, just telling you some stories. His zest and honesty combine to make a great style. Usually I’m all for darker, moodier, quirkier writing styles, but I really enjoyed his fresh tone. His excitement made me excited to read his story.

At 281 pages, the book is a quick read. It goes by swiftly, and is far from complicated. I would only advise that people who can handle certain linguistic elements read the book. Gordon is not afraid to curse, and he is not afraid to talk about sex and masturbation either. However, he never goes into too much detail, probably for the better. Though honestly, I’d recommend this book to just about anyone. His enthusiasm is extremely contagious.

I also really appreciate that all Gordon wants is for everyone to love and be loved. He talks about this in not only the story, but also the preface and very end. Love, in his opinion, makes everyone happy. And all Gordon wants for everyone is happiness.

But I’ve learned that to love someone else, you have to love yourself first. If you can love yourself, your enthusiasm for life, like Gordon’s, can be extremely contagious. I, for one, am glad that somebody else believes that love can save the world. It may sound too idealistic, but Gordon is right. Money and success are really important, but life isn’t much fun without somebody to love who loves you back. So I guess I’d just say that we should be spreading the love, because bringing positivity to the world is bringing the world in the right direction.

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