Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Twice Bitten - A Gay Teen Gets Bitten By A Vampire and A Werewolf and Has To Choose...

By Dave Ferraro

Jesse Hartwick is a teen celebrity, recently out of the closet, and just beginning to take off as the next big thing in Hollywood.

Everything changes when he meets Kurt, but is Jesse's celebrity status the only thing that Kurt is interested in?

When Lane comes into the picture, it just confuses Jesse more, but he can hardly deny the strong feelings he has for him, especially since Lane didn't even know that Jesse was a celebrity when he met him.

Then Jesse is attacked by a werewolf, and saved from certain death by a vampire, changing him into something altogether new. With his new abilities, he doesn't know who he can trust, let alone how to balance the spotlight with this aspect of himself that he must hide.

But in the end, he must decide the war inside and out: Vampire or werewolf? Kurt or Lane?

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