Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Emperor's Library: A Gay Teen High Fantasy Adventure Trilogy

By Frederick Kirchhoff

The Flight From Kar (The Emperor's Library: Book One)

Expelled from the Valley of Women, 17 year-old Jon finds friendship with the Forester Zoë and love with her brother John. But disaster strikes, and Jon leads Zoë and his companions to Kar, the imperial capital, where they save the Emperor and his library from religious fanatics who menace the city and commence a journey of challenge and discovery.

The Tritargon (The Emperor's Library: Book Two)

Jon finds himself entangled in the military affairs of the Chosen, while Zoë's relationship with the Emperor deepens. Meanwhile, Alf grapples with the problems of building the Emperor's capital-in-exile, and Klei embraces the life of the Rand, an ancient people with remarkable powers.

The Game (The Emperor's Library: Book Three)

20 years after the events of The Tritargon, Jon and his partner Dan are living quietly in Kar, as dealers in antiquities, until a mysterious book leads to a series of unforeseen events, culminating in the re-creation of an ancient, multidimensional game that has the potential to obliterate the planet. This game reunites Jon with Zoë, Klei and other figures from his past.

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