Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sleeping Angel - A Gay Teen Murder Mystery

by Greg Herren

Eric wakes up in the hospital with no memory of how he wound up there - only he quickly finds out it's vital he remember.

Apparently, he was in a car accident, and the body of his classmate Sean was found in the car, shot to death.

Nothing makes sense - he wasn't friends with Sean. (Sean was gay, and as for Eric, well, he's not sure of much right now.) But he didn't kill anybody! As his memory starts to slowly return, Eric becomes certain that not only is he innocent, but that the real murderer is out there... and wants to shut him up permanently.

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ivanova said...

I quite enjoyed Sleeping Angel! Greg Herren is the very talented author of many mysteries. I believe this is his first YA novel and I hope he writes others.

Initially this book sort of reminded me of The Dead Zone by Stephen King because it's about someone who wakes up from a coma with inexplicable psychic abilities. Only in this case he has to solve a crime and clear his name, and to top it off, he has amnesia. (I love amnesia stories. I don't care if they're realistic or not, I just love them.) This book also tells the story of homophobic bullying, from a fairly unusual perspective. I don't want to give away spoilers, but I do want to mention that if you are looking for a book with a gay protagonist, this book may not fill that craving. But I think anyone would enjoy the thriller-style plot, even someone who has never given a thought to LGBTQ issues before in their life.