Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Pop-It" by Raghava KK - an ipad picture book app I wish I'd had when I was a child

Check out this great TED talk that's less than 5 minutes:

It's how I heard about "Pop-It" - a charming non-narrative word-less app for the youngest kids (pre-school, really) that shows a family potty training, looking in a mirror, changing a diaper, at bath and play time. There are fun things readers can do by touching the screen - make the parent giggle, have the child make a silly face, have a baby elephant tiptoe out from behind a chair. The sound effects are a nice element, and they compliment the quirky illustrations.

But the real power of this picture book app is what happens when you shake the entire ipad. The two dad family becomes a two mom family. And then the two mom family becomes a one-mom-one-dad family. And then that one-mom-and-one-dad family becomes a two dad family again!

The story starts out showing the child with two dads

Shake the ipad, and the two dads transform to two moms!

That shift of perspective, and it's thematic message that love (and potty training, etc...) is the same in all kinds of families, is mind-blowing in both its simplicity and power.

I'm really excited about this picture book app, and I wish I'd had it to read and shake and read and shake when I was a little kid.

My thanks to Sarinah for letting me know about this, so I could share it with all of you!


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Cheryl Graff said...

This app looks great! I wish I had the Ipad!