Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A great new review site for Transgender Teen Book reviews - Jack Radish on

The more people talking about queer teen books, the better.  And Jack's reviews of Transgender teen fiction and nonfiction, a new series over at, are awesome.

Jack's studying to be a teen services librarian, reads this blog, and I'm thrilled he got in touch to let me know what he's up to online.

Check out his reviews so far:

Hello Cruel World by Kate Bornstein

I am J by Cris Beam

Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher

Luna by Julie Anne Peters

Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger

I've gone ahead and bookmarked Jack's reviews, and hope you check them out, too.



ivanova said...

I've been reading them too, and they're very thought-provoking. Not the usual fluffy reviews!

Hayden said...

This is brilliant. I'll have to share the link with my friends.

The rainbow light "TJ" said...

hey i love what u do im trying to blog to im a 14year old lesbian and i would love it if u would look at my blog and comment on it :)

thank u :3