Thursday, December 15, 2011

"The Power Within" - An Anti-Bullying Comic Book that's Free for your GSA, school or youth services group!

One of the coolest things I found out about at BentCon 2011 was this comic book, "The Power Within" about Shannon, a guy going into 8th grade who has an imaginary superhero alter-ego to deal with being bullied.  But when things escalate Shannon can't retreat into his imagination, and he has to find the power within himself to triumph.

It's by Charles "Zan" Christensen and Mark Brill, with additional contributions by Donna Barr, Matthew Clark, Phil Jimenez, Andy Mangels, Carla Speed McNeil, Dan Parent, Greg Rucka, Stephen Sadowski and Gail Simone.

For more information on the comic book and to order your copies of "The Power Within," check out

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Avi de Turenne said...

Yeah! Several Christmas/Chanukah presents solved and hope it gets issues out to GSAs.

dermatal said...

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Unknown said...

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