Thursday, December 8, 2011

Renfred's Masquerade: A Gay Teen Fantasy Romance

By Hayden Thorne

It's a world of magic.

Impossible dreams.


And unrequited love.

Torn from his family and thrust into that world, 16 year old Nicola, a boy with a disability who thought he had to stop dreaming, has to solve the mystery of another teen's disappearance before time runs out. 

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ivanova said...

Awesome! I'm intrigued by the disability. Hayden Thorne is so prolific!

The rainbow light "TJ" said...

hello again so ok i had a video tits the 1st one on my blog and it would mean alot to me if u commet on it and i love ur blog and i have seen this book now i want to go bye it and read it :3