Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A New Path For Pre-Adolescent Transgender Children and their families... A chance to be Themselves

This is a remarkable story of 'identical' twin boys, one of whom has always been gender conforming, and the other who always said they felt like a girl.

And for that transgender child, the family has supported their transition from Wyatt to Nicole.  She's on hormone blockers to avoid starting male adolescence, and the plan is for her to start estrogen this year.

The parents' journey.  Their father, Wayne, going from unbelieving to supportive to a transgender rights activist, who said:

“We told our kids you can’t create change if you don’t get involved,’

The brother's journey.  Nicole remembers her brother telling their father

“Dad, you might as well face it...You have a son and a daughter.’’

Fighting their schools, and the statehouse.

The clinic helping them.

And most of all, Nicole's spirit of pride in herself and hope:

“Obviously my life is not going to be as easy as being gender-conforming, but there are perks like being able to get out there and do things that will benefit the [transgender] community,’’ she says. “I think everything’s going to turn out pretty well for me.’’

 It's inspiring.  And to Nicole and your family... We're cheering you on!


ps: My thanks to Lawrence for sharing this with me, so I could share it with you.


teacherninja said...

Great stuff to share! Thanks

Hayden said...

I really love that story. I don't know if my perspective's a little skewed or what, but for stories involving LGBT kids, I always look first at the family and especially the parents. How these kids turn out rely largely on how their immediate support group responds to whatever issues the kids are struggling with. I just love how the father goes through his own process of acceptance and how the brother sticks up for his sister in school.

JenFW said...

We're always telling kids "You can be anything you want to be." Why shouldn't that include gender?

It's great that the family is being so open. Many others will benefit as a result. More power to them.

Marjorie said...

Thank you for sharing that link, I probably wouldn't have come across the story otherwise. They're a beautiful brother and sister and I'm so glad Nicole has found her path, with the support of a loving family.

Michelle Cusolito said...

I read this article in the Boston Globe when it came out. Her mother's support and father's transformation are astounding.