Monday, February 13, 2012

Hate the Gays? Imagine the World without us. (Or, what to say the next time you encounter someone homophobic.)

I really liked this Huffington Post article by Kergan Edwards-Stout, "Hate The Gays?  Imagine the World Without Us."

I particularly liked Kergan's big-picture question to those who marinate in homophobic hostility... 

"What do you hope these beliefs will achieve?"

Do they really support harassment?  Bullying?  Conversion Therapy (which has been proven not to work)?   Are they hoping we all go back into the closet?  They're creating a climate where GLBTQ teen suicides continue... is that their goal?

And then Kergan asks, imagine the world without the contributions of queer artists, musicians, playwrights, actors, filmmakers.  A world without the Mona Lisa's smile.  Or Swan Lake.  Or Glee.

"What do you hope your anti-gay beliefs achieve?"

That's my question the next time I'm talking to someone homophobic. 

Thanks, Kergan!


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