Monday, March 5, 2012

Joy Nash's FAT RANT, and how we need to stand up for Fat people

This video is brilliant.

Fat people and the Queer Community are natural allies, as we're among the last of the groups it's still seen as "okay" to demonize.

Allies are incredibly important in the movement to create change, understanding and a culture where we get beyond talking of tolerating differences, or even accepting differences, but where we are CELEBRATING Differences.

It's important to consider where we can be allies for others in their struggles.

To ask ourselves and our GSA groups and our queer organizations,

How we can be UPstanders and not Bystanders when we see injustice against black people, or muslim people, or women, or fat people, or any other group that's targeted just for being themselves?

Like John Amaechi said, they're all heads of the same monster: prejudice.

And if we join forces against prejudice, we will be unstoppable.


ps - My Thanks to Adrienne for telling me about this amazing Fat Rant video!

pps - The prejudice against Fat people is everywhere - Just last month Disney launched their fat-shaming Habit Heroes website and exhibit.  And then they yanked it due to negative public response.


Heather said...

Add people with special needs to the list of groups it's "okay" to demonize. I cringe every time I hear someone use the word "retarded" as an insult or to describe something that's unbelievably stupid. Yes, we all need to stand up to prejudice and hatred everywhere we see it.

Heather said...

And the video is brilliant.

KC said...

I love your message and whole blog! Including the Fat Rant and bullying movie rating discussion. How great to meet you today--LET'S keep in touch! :) Kyla